Funny things kids say

Here is the full list of funny quotes. These sayings come from the kids at my local school, reader submissions and aggregated from all over the Internet. I'm hoping to make this one of the largest collections of funny kid's sayings around.

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Egg moon

Master 4: It's the moon! It's like an egg!

Clever pancakes

Last night I asked my 3yr old for the iPad to look at my pancake recipe, she replied "don't you know that my daddy is very clever and doesn't need the computer to make pancakes!" My husband uses a pancake bottle to make them! I was cooking them from scratch!

Drive me crazy

me: you drive me crazy
master 3: I'm not driving you! I'M NOT DRIVING YOU! You are not a car, and you don't have a steering wheel on your tummy. I'm not driving you, you are not a car, you are mummy.
..can't debate his powers of reasoning, can we?

Poo pee

Parent: want to go tee tee?
Child: No!
parent: want to go poo pee?
child: No!
parent: want to go pookah? ( or whatever you word is for flatulence)
The child always erupts in laughter. Worked great for my 3.5 YO. She thought and then laughed at the joke about 10 times in a row until I decided to stop and make her and her sister ( who also laughed heartily ) leave the play palace with me at Burger King. My guess is that she evaluated solids, liquids, and gases, knowing that making gas did not require a trip to the potty.

Buy one!

Kieran, my 3 year old, says to me in all seriousness; "Mommy, you need to buy another baby".

Ear blind

I was drying the boy's hair and he was saying "Stop! Stop! Stop!" When I wasn't, he said "What are you, ear-blind?"


After bath one night..."My butt crack is broken. Mommy, you washed away my protective layer of dirt."

Get the baby out!

My 4 year old cousin and his pregnant mom:
Mom: so what do you think we should do today?
4yo: hmm.. Ice cream, playground, or surgery to get the baby out!!!

Too full

Miss 4 was in the small pool, and went all the way down to the deep end. She couldn't touch the bottom, so she wailed "the pool is too full!"

Farty bottom

I put the baby on the change table, with Miss 4 watching.
Me: "I need to change your bottom!"
Baby: "Bot! Bot! Bot! Bot!"
Miss 4: "The baby has a bottom so he can FART!"