Funny things kids say

Here is the full list of funny quotes. These sayings come from the kids at my local school, reader submissions and aggregated from all over the Internet. I'm hoping to make this one of the largest collections of funny kid's sayings around.

You can also add your own sayings, or view 5 random funny quotes!

Not scarey

My two girls were having a conversation in the next room:
Miss 4: "I climb up my bookshelf to put things there."
Miss 11: "You CLIMB up your BOOKSHELF???"
Miss 4: "Yes, its a little bit scary"
Miss 11: "how do you do that?"
Miss 4: "The bookshelf is very heavy, it doesn't wobble. I'm small and it doesn't fall down"

Christmas tree skirt

4 year old Jordyn said the reason the tree had a skirt was so you couldn't see its panties.

Christmas presents

Various family members: "What did you get for Christmas?"
Master 3: "Presents"
Various family members: "What kind of presents?"
Master 3 (with that tone suggesting the person is rather stupid): "CHRISTMAS presents"

Pickle sausages

Miss 5: I want a pickle
Me: But we're about to have sausages for dinner
Miss 5: But a pickle is like a sausage
Sausage shaped maybe, but a lot greener and tastes very different :)

Mollusc situation

When someone says something I most commonly say "in a mollusc situation"

Egg moon

Master 4: It's the moon! It's like an egg!

Clever pancakes

Last night I asked my 3yr old for the iPad to look at my pancake recipe, she replied "don't you know that my daddy is very clever and doesn't need the computer to make pancakes!" My husband uses a pancake bottle to make them! I was cooking them from scratch!

Drive me crazy

me: you drive me crazy
master 3: I'm not driving you! I'M NOT DRIVING YOU! You are not a car, and you don't have a steering wheel on your tummy. I'm not driving you, you are not a car, you are mummy.
..can't debate his powers of reasoning, can we?

Poo pee

Parent: want to go tee tee?
Child: No!
parent: want to go poo pee?
child: No!
parent: want to go pookah? ( or whatever you word is for flatulence)
The child always erupts in laughter. Worked great for my 3.5 YO. She thought and then laughed at the joke about 10 times in a row until I decided to stop and make her and her sister ( who also laughed heartily ) leave the play palace with me at Burger King. My guess is that she evaluated solids, liquids, and gases, knowing that making gas did not require a trip to the potty.

Lock it

Miss 3 has been industriously emptying her entire wardrobe every day and then filling it with toys. This has been driving me completely nuts, as it takes quite some time to re-hang clothes back on wardrobes and put peg puzzles back on their boards.
The latest time she did it and I told her off was quite funny.
Me: Stop taking your clothes out of your wardobe!
Her: NO.
Me: *stunned silence*
Her: You need to put a wock (lock) on it. There's a wock on the bathroom door. You need to put a wock on my cupboard.
I think she's right.