Online kid's books

Some simple children's books for very young children. If you are reading these stories aloud, note that "Aisha" is pronounced "eye-sha". Some of these books are available as printed books or e-books at our Lulu store, so you can read them without needing to be on the Internet. If you like children's books, you might also like Britannica's Online Kids Encyclopedia Australia.

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A learn-your-letters online book.


A learn-to-count online book.

Aisha's Alibi

A somewhat gruesome excuse that was actually used by Aisha, when she was four. It does make a nice story though, and other four-year-olds will love it.

Aisha's Pony

A story about a little girl who isn't happy with what she has.

Z the three-eyed zebra

Z feels left out because everyone he knows has two eyes, and he has three! He decides to search around the world to see if he can find anyone with three eyes like him. What he finds is...a surprise!