Bad baby names

Some people give their children terrible names. Here is a small collection of some of them. If you want to add a bad name you've heard around the place, click here.


Only bad if your last name is lee.

(Broccoli )a vegetable


Even before the epic filmed in New Zealand I taught a kid called Frodo - he also had an older brother, called Gandalf.


A perfectly lovely and normal name, but Mr and Mrs Farr didn't think through how the full name sounded...


Then there was the couple who named their three sons Million, Trillion and Zillion.

Peter Fan

I guess Mr. and Mrs. Fan are big fans of Disney.


Sounds cool, right? Sounds like an action hero, right?

But what happens if you look at it like a score out of ten? Not so good now, is it?


When your son's name is Rascal, you can call him "you little Rascal" all you like. But what happens when he gets older and wants a job, or woe betide he grows up to be a very quiet, well behaved lad?


First name Rescue. Middle name C (just C, the letter) and last name Hopper.

Rescue C Hopper.


You know you spend far too much time on Facebook when you actually call your kid "Like".


Thanks to the popularity of the weight loss show "The Biggest Loser", there is now a growing number of little boys inflicted with the name "Commando".

For those not familiar with the show, the Commando is a trainer with a military training style.