Bad baby names

Some people give their children terrible names. Here is a small collection of some of them. If you want to add a bad name you've heard around the place, click here.


Feathers grow on birds. They are NOT baby names.


When you want a girl called Amanda and your husband wants a boy called Adam and this is the only compromise that works.


Just like Charisma. And if your child grows up to be a noxious brat, the name won't suit them.


What next? Stripes? Polka dots? This is a fabric pattern, not a name!


A boy's name, pronounced "case". Way to condemn your kid to a life of either having to spell their name to people, or correct people who are reading their name out.


The common variant of "Ambrosia". Which isn't a good name either.

Hawkesbury River

A boy's name - maybe he was concieved there? Or the parents really wanted to go there on a holiday?


Not sure what the parents were thinking. He was teased a lot at school, as you'd expect.

Pilot Inspektor

Son of actor Jason Lee, you have to question why he chose this name. Does he want the kid to grow up to be a pilot, or an inspector?

Audio Science

Just in case you had any doubt why plain ol dictionary words aren't always a good idea, actress Shannyn Sossamon proves the point with the name she chose for her son.