Bad baby names

Some people give their children terrible names. Here is a small collection of some of them. If you want to add a bad name you've heard around the place, click here.


I'm sure it sounds lovely, but the spelling just makes me think that this would be the worst possible name for a boat.


Just imagine the pressure.


I don't like this name. It is very bad and some people in Saudi didn't like it. I think it animal's name ^_^

Mike Rose

Mike Rose. On a biologist. Say it fast. Microbes! Geddit?

Apparently he gets comments all the time. Poor man should have chosen a different profession.

Maximillian and ...

Twins, Maximillian Hercules and Merlin Redbad.

None of those names are bad on their own per se (although some are a few hundred years past their time), but the way they are paired and then paired again, that is quite the combination - spy, Greek god, wizard and pirate.

La Dynasty

This will always be my favorite bad baby name. Not only is it terrible to begin with, but apparently the mother is irritated that people keep calling her baby "Lady Nasty".


Definitely a good stripper name - a young lady by this name was in the Miss Nude competition. But it sounds like it was inspired by the Ella Bache line of beauty products ...


Not an especially bad name, but not a good one either. Assuming this is pronounced "Jason", this child will need to spell their name out to people for the rest of their life.


Not a great name for the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Green. She'll get it right in the neck once she gets to school.


Rainbows and ... lollypops?