Bad baby names

Some people give their children terrible names. Here is a small collection of some of them. If you want to add a bad name you've heard around the place, click here.


Another very manly man name for a little boy.


This is a bad name to start with, but imagine it on a secondborn identical twin?

Rogan Josh

I once looked after a kid called Rogan Josh, named after the Melbourne Cup winner. Parents were so chuffed with themselves (they were very horsey). Weren't so pleased when it was pointed out that the horse was actually named after a popular Indian curry! I think they wanted to change it afterwards. Proves research can save a bit of embarrassment later.


Something that happens in the sky, not something you name your baby. Please.


Pronounced le dash uh. Because you can't have a silent dash, of course.


Saves any future boyfriends needing to think of a pet name for her.

Or perhaps she has older siblings Eggs, Flour and Butter?


I can just see this child becoming an accountant, chained to a desk in a cubicle.


Repeat after me ... this name is spelt LACHLAN! LACHLAN! Aaargh!


Safari is a nice trip through Africa, or a Mac web browser. Or a name for your kid that is asking for some serious teasing.