Yesterday I was trying on clothes in the maternity store and could hear a little girl (about 6 or 7) in the stall next to me with her mom. The mom was explaining to her about the pillow that you wrap around your belly to see how big you will get.
Then I hear singing:
"IIIIIIiiiiIiiIIIii haaaaave a baby in my tummy! IIIiiiiiIIIii eat goood foods to make the baby healthy! IIIiiiiiIIIIi look like mommy! My baaaaaaaaby will stay in my tummy until I'm 30 and ready to be a mommy too!!"
When I came out of the dressing room my friend was biting her lip and practically in tears trying not to laugh because apparently while the girl was singing she had the belly around her tummy and was dancing all through the store while rubbing her pillowed-belly.

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