How you get pregnant

I had gone back into see the doctor for my six week check up after having my third child. My mom came with me and stayed out in the waiting room with my two oldest sons.
The doctors office was small and the walls not very thick. You could often hear parts of conversation if someone spoke loudly enough. After examining my six week old baby I took him out to my mom and returned back to the exam room for my own check up. My 5 year old son began to question my mom as to why I went back in the room again. My mom told him quietly to hush and it was none of his buisness. Not leaving it alone he again asked why I went in and had not yet come out. He had got a little louder, drawing attention to my mom and himself. My mom again told him to "sit down, look at a book and be quiet". Just as my doctor came in to the exam room to check on me. We could hear my son's loud pitched voice very clearly ask. "Did she go in there to get PREGNANT AGAIN"? and the instant roar of laughter by all the waiting patients that followed.

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