Got gum?

My now 10 year old granddaughter at the age of three found out about chewing gum and that she liked it. Whenever she thought you had gum she would ask "do you got gum? I want some". Of course she did not always get gum when she wanted it. One day while waiting in a hospital waiting room, we were watching her. A teenage boy came in chewing gum. She watched him for about 5 minutes then went up and stood right in front of him. He looked at her and said "hi", she said, "You got gum?" He had by then focused on a ball game on the t.v in the waiting room. She waited watching him clack his gum and chew it and when he did not reply, she said again, louder, "do you got gum?" Concentrating on the ball game he ignored her.
Before I realized what she was doing, She climbed up in a chair and put her nose right to his and said, "I SAID, Do YOU GOT GUM, I want some NOW!" The poor kid gulped, swallowed his gum and red faced, said "Nope I don't have gum". She said, "Open your mouth and let me see". He complied. She then climbed down. And hands on hips said, "I know you had gum, you swallowed it and you're a liar. Now God is going to make that gum stick your guts together". Then she stomped off while everyone laughed that was in the waiting room and I took her out for her rude behavior to admonish her.

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