Biscuit time

This is more a did than a said, but the 18-month-old that I nanny for was hungry last night. He doesn't have a lot of words yet (yes, no, ta, Mama, Dada, two of his three brothers' names, cat, dog). He was getting hungry around 4:30 and asking, with gestures, for a biscuit (cookie). I thought, being so close to his dinner time, I'd try distraction, so I said "No biscuits now. How about we read a story?". He grinned and ran over to his stack of books, picking out one called "My First Book Of Shapes & Colours", which he loves. He sat down next to me, flipped the book open, flipped past the Circles page, the Squares page and onto Rectangles. He stabbed his finger at the picture of a biscuit in the middle of the page and said "THAT"
Okay. I get the message. Me: "You really want a biscuit, don't you?" Him: "YES! Ta! Ta!". For ingenuity and creativity, he got a biscuit.

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