Watch the bump

Well, its November 12th. That makes me about 8 months pregnant, since I'm due on the 20th of December 2007, which also happens to be the day that the insurance claim gets completed and we get half the house re-carpeted. I'm not sure if that fact makes it more or less likely that the baby will arrive on time.

One of the most amusing things that can happen when you are waddling around a small town sporting a large bump is that people come up and discuss your bump with you. Or rather, they just discuss your bump. Sometimes its about the size, sometimes about whether I'm carrying high or low, and now its speculation on when I'm due. I've had quite the variety of comments over the last few months - here's a few:

  • "Look at the shape of that bump, that's definately a boy."
  • "You carry boys up high and girls down low, that's definately a girl."
  • "Oh-my-goodness, you've DROPPED"
  • "Hrm, you've dropped a bit but you've still got a lot to go. At least a week."
  • "You sure there's only one in there?"
  • "Is this a good time to say you're blooming?"
  • "You're enormous!"
  • "But you're so tiny!"

Since there's obviously great consensus about the gender and arrival time of this baby, I'll just sit back and wait. It has to arrive sometime between Election day and Christmas.