Low income investment in Australia

I have been a member of property investment and frugality forums for some time, and there seems to be a perception that investment, and property investment in particular, is not something that can be done on a very low income.

So with particular reference to people who are on low, fixed Australian incomes like Parenting Payment Single, the Disability Pension, Carer's Payment and Aged Pensions, I've decided to summarise some of the options you have to get ahead when you are on a low income. These same techniques will apply if you have some other low income, like a student income or you are just in a very low paying job.

Of course the more you earn the better, so the bottom line is if you want to invest to get ahead in life, the first thing you should do is increase your income. The usual way to do this is to get a better paying job. But not everyone can do this, and I'm assuming that you are here because going out and getting a higher-paying job is not a reasonable option. Or you might have young children or a disabled spouse to look after that prevents you from working, and don't want to hear patronising comments like "just go work in the mines".

If any of what I am saying sounds like it applies to you, then read on. If you do not live in Australia then it is likely none of the advice on these pages will be relevant.

Next, you need to think about your current situation, so read on.

Photo by InfoMofo / Flickr