Just a little wet today

Our local region had just a spot of heavy rain recently; a flash flood, in fact. While our town didn't come off as badly as some others, we had a good few inches of extremely localised rain in an hour, apparently the heaviest rainfall in over 15 years.

When the rain cleared and the sun came out and we got to survey the damage, the town was missing the top layer of several streets - all washed away to pile up a few hundred metres downstream - and quite a few houses were a lot wetter than they should have been. One of them was ours. We got off quite lightly with just some damage to our northern wall, three rooms with very wet carpet and almost every spare piece of towel, sheet or blanket in the house soaked in muddy water. In true Murphy's law style, one of the sodden rooms was the baby's intended room, and we'll be lucky if it's useable before the baby arrives. Could be problematic.

Chatting to the locals I've heard lots of interesting insurance stories over the last couple of days. Most people were insured - I was actually surprised at this, our town ranks right down the bottom of the income scale - and had very similar claims to mine, but the excess and what was covered varied depending on whether or not their company decided it was storm damage, flash flooding, stormwater runoff or some other fancy term for "too much rain got the inside of your house wet". Another lady had a story of water damage from a burst pipe in the roof one winter, and being treated quite badly by the insurance company because she was rural and the damaged goods belonged to a child. Seems she was expected to take all her books 300km to the nearest city to get them professionally dried, and just wash the muck out of her daughter's clothes instead of the insurance company replacing them.

We could have done a lot worse out of the flood. The place I used to park my car got washed away, so now I have a new driveway. We're getting new carpet in three rooms (one room only had the carpet replaced 6 months ago) and we didn't have any damage to our furniture. I've aquired more "mulch" that washed into my yard than washed out of my yard, and I expect all my long suffering drought-damaged plants to put on a sudden growth spurt. As long as the baby arrives after the room dries out and the carpet is replaced, we'll get by.