Giraffian Media License

The use of the digital media files, both the low-resolution formats provided on the Giraffian website and the high-resolution formats offered for sale on the Giraffian website (henceforth called 'the media') is subject to this license agreement. By using the media, you agree to be bound by this license agreement.

You are granted a limited, royalty free, non-exclusive license to use and modify the media, subject to the terms and conditions below. The media is provided 'as is', with no warranty, implied or otherwise, and no claim of fitness for any purpose.

The media may be used to create derivative works, for commercial or non-commercial use, provided the media is not being distributed for use by third parties or allowed to be used by third parties. The license does not allow (for example, and not limited to) distributing the media as part of a texture pack or listing the media on another website for download, but would allow (for example, and not limited to) distribution of the media as part of a 3d environment. The media may be used as a part of a digital derivative work (such as a website) if the media is used as part of the layout/framework itself, and not offered as content to be downloaded or distributed.

If there is any doubt about the use of the media in respect to this license agreement, please contact Giraffian.

Where practical, acknowledge as the source of the media in derivative works, for example by providing a credit line or providing a link back to the Giraffian website.