Of water, and babies

Back in October we got flooded, and the insurance covered new carpet that was going to get laid tomorrow - December 20th, also my due date. Unfortunately they've just came with a fancy floor wetness measuring gizmo, and we have to wait some more before the carpet gets laid.

We've been living in a state of chaos for months now. We'd just built an extra bedroom for the baby and completely redone Aisha's room, and had only just got those finished literally the day before we got flooded and had to take everything back out of the new rooms again. Of course, only the bedrooms got wet.

This time we're just resigning ourselves to being carpetless for another month or two, and the floor feels dry enough (a few weeks ago it was wet enough to saturate anything that touched the floor) that we're just going to put the furniture back where it should be. This is going to be a novelty.

Its going to be a fun Christmas. Bare, flakey concrete floors, possibly a screaming newborn in the house (either that or I'll be waddling around overdue) and eight people for dinner. And it'll probably be 40 degrees C, humid, and the flies will be there en mass. Something to look forward to.