Time marches on

The baby is now officially 3 months old. I'd like to report that she is walking, talking and doing advanced theoretical mathematics, but sadly that is not the case.

She has very inconveniently not done a single reportable thing during her 3rd month of life.

  • She smiles at us all the time, but she was already doing that in month 2, just not so consistently.
  • She kind of sort of half rolls over. Again, nothing new.
  • She can scoot quite long distances on her back, but she doesn't know she's doing it, so it hardly counts.
  • She's not even growing as fast as she was. She started the month at a hefty 90th percentile lump, and ended it at a slightly pudgy 75th.
  • She bats at things. Bat bat bat bat bat. I'm sure sometime next month this will turn into active reaching and grabbing, but for now it just means we get whapped a lot by little batting hands whenever we are foolish enough to wear a brightly coloured shirt and have her on our laps.

Ah, month three. More of the same, and a taste of things to come.