The perfect day

The baby had The Best Day Ever today.

8:30am: wake up. Eat some of your breakfast, hijack some of mummy's yummy breakfast.
9am: go for a ride in the trolly while shopping at the yummy store (the supermarket).
9:30am: Kindergym. Play play play play PLAY! Best place EVER. They even let you dance to Wiggles music.
11am: donut van is in town. Eat donuts.
Midday: steal some of mummy's yummies (pasties great-grandma made) for lunch.
12:30: go outside and splash around in puddles.
1:30pm: cranky time. Nap time!
3:30pm: walk to get Aisha. Walks are FUN.
3:45pm: donut van is in town. Eat more donuts. Donut van lady threw in several mutant end-of-batter donuts just for you and your sister!
5pm: Picnic in the park. That's the park with the playground. Lots of fascinating things to run around and look at, free food (no donuts - donut van lady is now playing the piano on stage), free bouncy castles.
8pm: Three bouncy castle sessions and several kilometers of running around playing later, time to go home, since it is freezing cold and grumpiness is setting in.
8:05pm: eat jelly and fruit.
8:20pm: crankyness wins and it is bedtime.

Could you get a more perfect day for an almost-two-year-old?