November 25th - Election day is over!

Well, I managed not to have an election day baby, which isn't entirely a bad thing.

We were having a talk about one of the common complaints about Kevin Rudd last night - that he has no experience running the country. Now really, how many people out there do have experience running countries in the past? Not many at all. Its not like business, where you can start by running a lemonade stand in your front yard and work your way up to being a CEO of a big multinational. Prior experience running a country is pretty hard to come by. For a start, there's a lot less countries than businesses, and its a lot harder to start your own country than your own business.

Imagine if prior experience was actually a requirement of running for President or Prime Minister of a country. People could cut their teeth on a small third-world African nation and work their way up to the big time. Every time there was an election on in America, you'd have the leaders of Britain and Australia vying for the job, and then another big shuffle to fill the vacant spaces created in the less sought-after countries. Anyone who caused a recession or started a war could be kicked out of office by the people and their position advertised in the local newspaper.

Well, I can dream ...