The new pajamas

It's getting colder now, so we bought nice new full length fuzzy pajamas for the toddler. They are the sort that are in one piece, with long sleeves and long legs with feet and press studs down the front. Her old pajamas are a singlet style one piece with press studs at the crotch. Both purchased for the same reason - so she can't take them off at night. Impenetrable pajamas has saved us a lot of mess in the bed since we bought them.

Anyway, we decided it was cold enough for her to wear her new pajamas after her bath instead of the old summer ones. Cassie had other ideas.

"No! Not my jamas! *grabs her old pajamas* is Cassie's jamas! *tries to rip off her new pajamas as I'm putting them on* No! Hurts! My feets gone!"

... and many more tears and complaining. So I finally get her new pajamas on with much kicking and screaming, and she continues to complain they hurt and that her feet are gone.

Roll on the next morning - apparently they were very nice and warm and cozy. She declared they are her "fuzzy jamas", and refuses point blank to let me take them off. I had to wait an extra hour before her soggy overnight nappy got the better of her and she let me dress her.

The next night, she enthusiastically helped dress herself in the new pajamas.