Growing older

The baby is now past 6 months old and still obstinately not doing anything interesting, other than exuding cute at levels that could kill a horse, and apparently can effectively hypnotise most little old ladies and checkout chicks that she encounters.

She is, of course, mindbogglingly cute. She's pink and fat with lovely googly blue eyes, rosy cheeks and three cliched curls of hair on top of her head, right out of a 'what your baby should look like' textbook. She smiles like a mad thing when she sees us, and grumps when we leave the room.

I don't remember my oldest child being anywhere near this cute. I do remember that she was talking from a depressingly early age and we've never managed to stop the torrent of words in the seven years since, and this baby just gurbles happily and blows rasperries, with the occasional interjection of "um" or "ba".

The two have very different personalities. We're hoping the little one remains quiet, since the older one doesn't look like she's ever going to slow down on the talking.